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Kathmandu – Lumbini Trip


Lumbini is situated in the southern part of Nepal. It is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, who was born in 623 B.C. in famous garden of Lumbini. Therefore, Lumbini soon became the pilgrimage for many people, mostly who are Buddhists and follower of Buddhism.

In the garden of Lumbini, you can visit Maya Devi Temple, Ashokan Pillar, Myanmar Golden Temple, World Peace Pagoda, China Temple and many other temples. Many say one can find peace while visiting the garden of Lumbini.

A trip from Kathmandu to Lumbini is about 310 kilometers, and it takes about 9 hours to reach there. Depending upon your choices you can spend more than 2 days in Lumbini if you want to visit other old cities in or around Lumbini. Bhairahawa, which is about 22 kilometers from Lumbini, is the major cities around. You can access to the airport from Bhairahaw to Kathmandu. Kapilvastu is another place you can visit, which is not too far from Lumbini. It is at the border of India. It is believed that Lord Buddha spent first twenty-nine years of his life in this region. Kapilvastu is about 27 kilometers south of Lumbini.


Day 01:

You will be picked from your hotel room or residence early in the morning. You can have the breakfast on the way or prior to traveling will be of your choice. The total travel time to reach Lumbini is approx. 9 hours provided that there are no travel interventions. By the time you reach Lumbini you will be tired from travel. You may walk around the garden for short period, but you will not get to visit them all on the first day.

Day 02:

The second day will be your main day when you can completely visit the garden of Lumbini with other temples around the garden. You may wish to spend the whole day in and around the garden or half a day to save the other half for other city visits. But you may have to rush a little in order to use the other half of the day. If your intention is to relax and visit all the places including other cities then extending another day to stay for this trip is highly recommended.

Day 03:

The third day is the returning day for you if you did not extend the stay in Lumbini. Traveling back to Kathmandu will again be 9 hours travel provided that there are no interventions.

Note: In case if you decide to extend your stay at Lumbini, the third day can be used to visit other cities like Bhairahawa and Kapilvastu. The fourth day then will be your day of return.

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